Thursday, April 8, 2010

DroidZebra - strong othello program for Android

DroidZebra is a front-end for well-know Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. It is one the world's strongest othello-playing programs - now on Android. Search for DroidZebra on Android market

1.0 release includes:
  • Zebra engine
  • opening book
  • 11 levels of play
  • undo functionality
  • human vs zebra, human vs human, zebra vs zebra play
  • move history
  • opening names
  • display of a principal variation and position evaluation
  • touchscreen, trackball and keys support

The game requires Android 1.6 or above and approximately 10MB of external or internal storage for opening book and position info. There may be a long delay when running the application for the first time as it unpacks and caches the opening book.

Main Screen:
  1. Last 4 moves
  2. Opening name
  3. Principal variation
  4. Current eval
  5. Level of play (look-ahead in number of moves). Mid - midgame, Last: endgame, W/L: win/loss solving
  6. Last move indicator: blue dot in the lower left corner
  7. red cross in the middle: possible move indicator

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